In order to supplement your income you want to choose something that does not have much of an outlay, something you enjoy, something you could if it goes well turn into a new career. Your first thought may turn to your hobbies and you will want to know – how to earn money from photography?

As an amateur photographer there are many ways of supplementing your income. Think first of all those pictures you have taken over the years. They may be just what someone is looking for. Look around you and you will notice pictures on everything – magazines, websites, products, brochures, company advertising, that packet of pasta in the cupboard – could one of your pictures replace any of those that you see? This is an area called stock photography. I will explain “how to make money from stock photography?” in a later article – so look out for it.

Next turn your thoughts to your friends – anyone getting married? If so offer to be their photographer. Do it for free. The idea behind this is to build your confidence, but also your portfolio. This you then show to potential paying clients as evidence of your previous experience. Something the bride will no doubt want to know!

Do you have any kids? Offer to photograph family groups. Again do some for free, for the same reason as above. You can extend this to pet photography. You will be surprised at how many people want pictures of their pooch or even their goldfish. Then there are baby pictures, even ones of the expectant couple.

If this doesn’t interest you how about approaching small businesses. See if they would like a photographer to take some pictures of their premises, factory, restaurant, their staff, their latest widget. These can become promotional material for a brochure or website.

In fact if you have the web skills (not difficult to learn by the way), then you could set up your own website and sell your pictures online. If you have no web skills you can have a website created for you, for a small investment. It really is a great place to showcase your work.

The only thing limiting your earning potential as an amateur photographer is your imagination and your confidence. The best way to conquer both of these is to just get out there and start doing it. The worst people will say is no, but some will say yes and that is all it takes to get started. Once this happens your abilities will spread by word of mouth and you will be brimming with both confidence and ideas on how to earn money from photography.